Here is a re-post of an SL Klassen blog item (The Drunken Mennonite). Enjoy!

Creatures of the (Menno) Night

The drink recipe/description harked me back to a trip to Belize, where Janice and I sat incognito in the Water Taxi terminal, acting for all the world like “Englanders” as we secretly listened in on the Plautdietsch conversations of Old Colony Mennonites in the waiting room.

So quaint, our specious faces said. Oh bah NAY! our true voices, right out of a Steinbach church basement, rang out inside our deceitful heads.

I think we were outed though, my white eyebrows and Russian cro-magnon forehead gave me away – a map of Moltoschna is printed on my scowling mug.

Speaking of mugs, the glass from which I will drink my Halloween El Diablo/Devil in a Thrift Shop will be one of our remaining Belize Belikin Beer glasses. I have captured it digitally, in empty repose, calmly awaiting its beverage.

“Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine…”

P.S. – I loved Halloween and because we were not churchy people (yes, we were THAT family) I had no holds barred. My friends were more constrained, so a fun part of those early Halloweens was to help them sneak out, get costumed, eat a crap-load of candy and come home without showing any effects. As I recall, my more churchified friends would eat sunflower seeds and drink Wonder Oil afterwards to remove the tell-tale STANK of sugar from their breath.

P.P.S. – Fresh from BC, “Halloween Apples” were permitted, even for PKs and HPKs. (Preacher’s Kids and Horny Preacher’s Kids. BTW, I always thought that meant that the KIDS were horny, not the preachers, but I did not go to bible school, so I can’t say for sure.)





4 thoughts on “Re-post:

  1. Hi – thanks for the re-post! Love the “map of Moloschna printed on (your) scowling face.” Mine was a worldly Church so we even had Halloween parties there (and everyone also went out trick or treating in their neighbourhoods).


    1. Hi! Looking for early readers, feedback on a story that took me a little o/s my comfort zone. But, that’s where the story went…

      If u have time, inclination. If not – n/p! 2500-words.


      P.S. – “Mennotrolled”, that is (oh but) funny. My mom – virtually indestructible Menno stock from Lowe Farm; my dad – East Reserve aristocracy once (“descended fr “Delegate Toews”) but family has fallen on hard times last century or so. No biggie.) Nah yo.


  2. That is super! Nothing in particular – big stuff: does the story make sense; could you follow; is author a ranting racist, misogynist bigot or a soft-touch (busy-body secular humanist trash) trying to make a point; too subtle/too damn blunt? My satire typically goes over the top, did it here? Appreciate your pov but do not want to take too much of your time 🙂 Danke sehr – m


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