“The Doeling” in Cabinet of Heed

May 6, 2018: One of my short stories has been accepted in Cabinet of Heed. CofH is a newer literary publication run by Simon Webster and it contains top writing, including many award winners, past and future.

My 2,800-word scamper, “The Doeling”, is in Editor Simon’s eighth issue. I hope you like it.

May 7, 2018: Also, be sure to read some of the other poems, flash fiction and stories you find in the Cabinet – it’s top drawer!

And if you are a lover of planets with a red sun, the twilight zone, red pill-blue pill dilemmas and other such alternative circumstances, I’ve linked a copy of “The Doeling” with a completely different ending. Is you is or is you ain’t?

The Doeling_Toews, Mitchell, Alternative Ending



9 thoughts on ““The Doeling” in Cabinet of Heed

  1. Read your work their. Love ‘die young and leave a clean corpse.’ I elided that the first time and read, ‘lean corpse,’ which would have been ok too.
    Moreover, thanks for the site tip.
    Leila Allison


    1. I clearly recall wild guys I grew up with (oh, not me, tsk-tsk, no ma’am) who lived by the “die young and leave a good-looking corpse” creed. They now, of course, are old, grey, wrinkled, stooped, and as conservative as Ms Thatcher’s left nard. I may not have gone conservative (big C or small) but I can attest to the inventory of failing and worn parts and a slightly slower time in the 100 m dash.

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  2. WTF ‘Read your work their’? Maaan, I need more coffee. What I wrote before looks even lamer than Tarzan-speak. Still, good story. Your stuff rolls along like a good time jalopy.


    1. Har! When I see a typo from a writer as gifted as you, I know it is either a typo or a pun I don’t get. Happy to chat with you even if you filled the comment box with Trumpian locker room expletives! P.S. – Irene, I’ve a first draft novel complete. My freelance editor is recommending some big changes. No surprise there, buuuuut, wonder where I could get a second opinion? mjt


      1. On break here at work. Mgt. & co-workers think I take breaks better than anybody. Seems we have a similar and common trouble. Seems too many Agents and Eds want to rewrite other writers work. I suggest a co-op site at which writers present their drafts and get advice from others and the other way around. I don’t know such a site, but I will dig into it, since I am the Yoda of break taking. Would like to know more about your novel. I will spare you the old “Write for your own vision” cliche, because, though true, it seldom leads to publication. Damn. Spotted by the asst. Rat Bastard.


      2. Duck that ratty asst. I have time – no rush. Breaks are productive – don’t they know that? (You gotta see the big picture.) Novel is set in Cdn boreal bush, along with some small town angst to start with, a bull moose loonie Mennonite character is a foil to Our Hero. A Cornish Grandfa is in the mix! Big finish – death, mayhem, loyalty. It’s a road trip story that spends a lot of time on the rumble strip…


      3. I will attempt intelligent questions in regards to your novel after I have taken a deeper look at your WP site. Mine is disgusting, it needs tending. But I think there’s a question you have to resolve for yourself about the freelance Ed. Is this person being wholly objective for your sake, or are they looking out for his or her own interests? I know it sounds paranoid and cynical, but I love the arts despite the amount of 🐀🐀🐀 bastards who try to bend what they do not get into a routine shape that drains creativity of its blood. I will be back in a day or two. Watch out for the🐀🐀🐀🐀

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      4. I said I would read you and come back in a day or so. Here, remember a day in heaven is a thousand years, that in hell goes on forever and here in purgatory it’s about ten days. Never let an Ed mess with your characters or settings. You know all those profoundly. Especially the West. Best of luck. LA


  3. My Ed is skilled, true and loyal to the story. I trust him but still want prof. views other than just mine and his. I’m in favour of lotsa trimming (offing my effing darlings) but it’s a big step after six mo. of writing, is all. I appreciate your intetest and promise not to go “writer Amway” on you and send you sh*t to read allatime. BTW, what’s your novel about?

    It’s beer-o’clock here in the Canadian Shield. (Sound of punch clock hammering a card with mechanical relish. Ka-blang!)


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