Of Places

Random thoughts as I stand at my workbench this morning…

A place absorbs what we feel when we are there. Those feelings are mixed with all of the other essences already present, plus the newly created contributions of others. And then that new, perfectly unique blend is released back out as if an echo.

That is what we sense about a place as we stay in it and experience it and are exposed to those endless echos. We come to feel about a place in a certain way, without knowing exactly why.

This continues infinitely; ever changing and irresistible.

Feelings about a place are like water over a falls – one drop flows by and is replaced by another in a space of time that is too little for us to readily measure. And so many instances of just that one, single action occur that even that tiny recurring event – a few feet of the journey of a drop of falling water – is unimaginably large in its scope. Too large for us to relate and so we become inured of it and needlessly obtuse.

We look away and sip our coffee and think about our day, in that particular place, not appreciating the impossible wonders and the enormity and the vast complexity that exists all around us and in us and of us and without our bidding.

allfornow – m


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