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$9.5 billion

Total wealth of President-elect Donald Trump’s cabinet appointees so far (including cabinet-level positions). That’s more money than belongs to the 43 million least wealthy U.S. households combined. Quartz

The statistic above is from a blog I follow: Making Sense of Complications

So, after today’s activity south of the border (the un-walled one) we can expect this kind of polarization to be locked in.

It’s going to be tough to get the oligarchs out of power down there, so figure on eight years. More, if they figure out a way to roll that two-terms per customer law out of the way.

I am hoping we don’t mimic US political trends here in Canada. I fear we will. Will the patchwork quilt hold fast against the melting pot? Will they take our oil and will BOTUS* spit in our collective, weed-reddened eye and tell us we better get used to it? Will they round up our seniors in Arizona and Florida and put them to work making faux maple syrup?


Will Rex Murphy pull the sweater over Steve Bannon’s head and make him see stars but no stripes? Will Justin peel off his tunic and challenge Le Gros Orange to a final, winner-take-all Star Trek battle for the land North of the 49th? (Canucks ALWAYS win those.) Will Gretz renounce his green card and ride his stick Tiger-style home to the backyard rinks of the true north? Will we wander around the northern states with impunity, drinking strong beer and making our neighbours jealous of our impressive “guns” (all those ball-marks on the nation’s garage doors did not shoot themselves there!)

Band together, for we are all Canucks…(and Jets, and Sens, etc. – you get it.)


*BOTUS – Biff of the United States

allfornow – Mitch

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