Monsters of the Light and the Dark

This is a response to a prompt for “Monsters”.

Monsters of the Light and the Dark

Here they come, walking go-lightly together in pairs
The monsters of the light
For safety; to gossip
They all do it that way; Sunday School outreachers
They have issues too – they talk to me about their stuff all the time

Don`t worry – they only come out in the daylight.

There they are, hiding hunched in the shadows
The monsters of the dark
Some in couples; some grouped for strength
Some alone; so far gone they prefer it that way
They secretly want me to take them; but that’s not my call

Don’t worry – they only come out at night.

When I started this, there were no monsters
I made the darkness and the light
Always thought that was an exceptional concept; contrast, shadow, reflection…
Some of my best work; right up there with Lego
But lately they only want to stick together with their own kind – just like Lego, funny enough

Don`t worry – they’ll work it out, just takes a while.

allfornow – Mitch

Copyright Mitchell Toews ©2017

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