Fall from Grace

Facebook asks, “What’s on your mind?” Big mistake, Facebook.

In fact, I am excited to have another of my ‘Hartplatz’ series of stories hit the galactic ether via the internet. This one is called “Fall from Grace” and it launches Dec 18 on the UK-based lit mag, Fiction on the Web. Voracious readers take note — FotW is a smashing site! Brilliant, yeah? And the site’s UK/Irish readers can’t get enough of  Menno characters, places and stories!

This tale is from my childhood and blends two streams of life. The first, a criminal act from my past involving flying fruit. It originally took place in Kyle, SK with my old buddy Craig S. Added to this is something that happened to my dad and some of his older brothers back in an imaginary, snowy Steinbach of the late thirties.

My Toews grandparents make a cameo appearance and ‘Snotty’, a childhood friend o’mine, makes a meaningful, green-hued contribution in this nostalgic piece. My dad, disguised as ‘Hart’ in this series, plays a key, flour-dusted role in, “Fall from Grace”.

*Noh waut woat daut lohte?* (This last bit courtesy my copy of J. Thiessen’s wörterbuch.)

You can support Fiction on the Web via Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/charliefish

In January, editor Charlie Fish will launch a print anthology of stories chosen from the site’s twenty years of publication. Some Toews prose is included; a story called, “Nothing to Lose”.