Do You Fiction on the Web?

You should.

Editor Charlie Fish @FishCharlie publishes a lively, online short story compilation. Each day sees a new story – from fast-moving flash-fiction pieces to longer short fictions. The stories span all genres, styles and topics. Fiction on the Web is UK-based, but it features authors from around the world.

Charlie was kind enough to publish one of my favourite stories, “Nothing to Lose” and I’m hoping you will read it here, on: FICTION ON THE WEB. It touches on baseball, hockey, family and regret. Nothing, I’m afraid, about Donald or Hillary, so you might want to shout, “You’re the puppet!” a few times, just to tide yourself over.


Copyright Mitchell Toews ©2016

One thought on “Do You Fiction on the Web?

  1. My story, “Heavy Artillery” commences a light-hearted bombardment tomorrow, OCTOBER 30, 2016 on Fiction on the Web

    As an aside, did you know that Frank Robinson was the first African-American to become a major league baseball manager (Cleveland, American League) and was also the first African-American manager in the National League (San Francisco Giants).


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